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New Website

Well I have finally got arround to starting to sort my website out, after my old one disapeared from the internet. It seems that no one really noticed it was missing from the internet, so I must have just been talking to myself!

The old site was a wordpress blog that I had been using on and off since 2011, I'd also had varrious attempts at a website since getting my own domain 2006. The wordpress had done well but I hadn't updated in over a year when I got rid of it, unable to justify paying for hosting a blog that I have never really had time to update regularly since I finished university.There was a reasonable ammount of content on the site, but a lot of the original posts didn't really work as Wordpress had lost some of the features I used and a number of key plug-in I used were no longer avalible.

So this is the new site... Or it will be once I have finished making it work, the replacement website is now hosted using Github Pages, and is a statically generated HTML site created using Pelican. Hopefully it will be easy to keep working and slightly more upto date than my old blog was!